En Russie Svetlana est devenu célèbre en 1992, quand son premier disque (vinyle) à été  publié ( Stozhary).

Elle a chanté la chanson phare de ce disque au concert des lauréats  du festival de Grushinskiy en 1986.

Après ce concert, de nombreuses  cassettes sonores ont été publiées :

Les « chansons des taches solaires » (1995)  et de la « vie du chat qui vole n'est pas facile » (1997). Au printemps  2001 ,ses  premiers CD sont enregistré

« j'esquisse la mer » etc...


 Maîtrisant parfaitement sa guitare, elle exécute également des chansons d'autres auteurs, particulièrement  ceux qui exprime a travers  leur musique les sentiments de leurs âmes .



Svetlana Vetrova is composer, poet, and performer of “bard songs” (called also “author songs” in Russia). She was born in Saint-Petersburg, and lives the whole life in this remarkable city. It was for the first time in 1981that she came to the Saint-Petersburg club of author song “Meridian”, and since then she does not live without guitar. Svetlana travels a lot, taking part in the concerts and festivals in the most different cities and countries. One will strongly envy to the amateurs of the author song who had a luck to hear her “alive”. This is surprising feeling − to absorb her energy and sincerity, kindness and love that she emits on her concerts. 

Svetlana Vetrova sings songs written on her verses and on the verses of David Samoilov, Novella Matveeva, Yuri Levitanskiy, Lesya Ukrainka, Marina Tsvetaeva, on the verses of Muscovites − Yuri Samokhin, Andrey Usachev, Tim Sobakin, and on verses of Saint-Petersburg poets − Oleg Grigoryev, Mikhail Yasnov, and many others. Skillfully managing guitar, she also performs songs of other authors, those that found response in her soul. 

In Russia Svetlana became known in 1992, when her first record was issued − vinyl disk “Stozhary”. She has sung the title song of this disk at the laureates’ concert of Grushinskiy festival even in 1986. After this, audio cassettes were issued: “Songs of Solar Spots” (1995 ) and “Life of Flying Cat is not Easy” (1997). In spring 2001 there appeared first CD “I Sketch the Sea”. 

Besides songs themselves, this site introduces verses by Svetlana, interviews with her, photographs and photo-views that she has made. We try to constantly renew page, to report news about the Svetlana’s concerts, her creative plans, and regularly place her new songs. 












Svetlana Vetrova chante

pour les Marins

Haute Normandie

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